About Us 

The John's Family 

Welcome to our family! John's American is where it all started and is beloved by many througout the years.

Feel free to learn more about us here on this site!

The John’s legacy startet many years ago, when the current owner took over a small restaurant in Val Thorens. Thomas is still today in the lead of making the best restaurants in Val Thorens. Together with his wife and 4 other partners, Thomas each year creates the optimal menu, decor and soul for the restaurant. We have a total of over 150 years of work experience in the business and have always tried to perfect every aspect of the restaurant. The guest is always right, and we will go above and beyond to meet any of your expectations.  

When Thomas is not making sure everything is ready everyday for the restaurants to open, he is to be found in the office, taking care of staff, answering mails and phone calls or updating the menu and social profiles. This is essential to know, because it is the core of the family and secures the best, happiest and most dedicated employees as well as guests.

The staff you will meet when visiting John’s American is primarily Swedish or Danish, but rest asure we all speak english as true americans! Some of us is here for the first season, others had to come back year after year. We do have one thing in common - we all love Val Thorens!

We strive to make you feel the spirit of Val Thorens and will happily talk you through the best spots of skiing, relaxing and sunbathing! John’s staff are proud to be a part of the best workforce in the highest ski city in Europe!

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From day one, we have aimed to serve every hungry guest in Val Thorens. Over the years we have expanded our menu and restaurants to hold a very large selection of specialities! From ribs to thai nems, the choices are not so few!  

Our desire have not changed over the years. We wish to give a piece of the Val Thorens we all love and know, into a visit at us. The passion for food, people and good times has remained as one the prime source of our work. 

We will always be available to answer questions about the restaurants, opening hours, take-away, contact, events or other questions you might have! You can find us, in the black shirts with the large white logo <3