About us

Simplicity without compromise of creating the most cousy setting for our guests

Scandinavian Brasserie and Wine Bar in Val Thorens is a family. The brasserie is operated by Thomas and his wife Hannah, who lives in Val Thorens all year. Their two children attend french school locally and have known the city since they were born. Thomas is the owner and besides him, Kevin and Morten guides the new or former staff throughout the season. Scandinavian Brasserie and Wine Bar’s staff is mostly young, energetic Swedes or Danes who thrive in the cold all winther.

Former know as “John’s Scandinavian”, Scandinavian Brasserie will always greet you with a smile and the restaurant manager Jennelie is making sure the restaurants is cosy and worth a visit every time. We strive to make anyone feel welcome and encourage you to be a part of this lovely family! 

Being located in what seems to one of mother natures most aside and barren locations, we carefully choose every ingredient included in the menu. From the grains used in our bread, to the vegetables in the sauce for the 'moules' we hand select and ensure the quality before serving. The benefits and challenges are codependent and only by also thinking in ressources, food waste and amounts we are able to make this happen.


We believe in making experiences that combines food, drinks and ski. Not only when we are deciding how the menu will be, but also when we do picnics across the alps. Primarly in Val Thorens, but also in Val D'isere, Les Deux Alpes, Alpez D'huez and many other locations. Here we make delicious wraps, burger, vin chaud or whatever the time calls for. 

For more than 20 years, we have perfected the art of combining french and danish cuisine. This resolves in an intriguing and exciting experience where both the harsh environment of the north are matched with taste of southern France most sunny fields. Each year we design a menu suitable for the latest trends and techniques to be able to present you the very best of meals and drinks.

Our team combines nationalities and we hand pick every member to our family with a special eye for passion. When we gather a team for the season, we have in mind that Val Thorens is located in a remote place. Far away from nearest other city and for most of our staff very, very far from home. At times the tasks can become though and demand a large amount of will to make things work. Doing a regurlar season, our often young staff must provide an unsurpassed workethic, even in cold and windy days or even sometimes in blizzards! This is why we take the time to search for the passion - because if that's found, we know we will make it! 

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The staff lives in groups of 5 and is mainly from Denmark and Sweden. Everyday they share the same love for one thing in particular: snow! Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, walking.. You name it, we've done it. This unique setting of work in the evening and good times during the day makes a perfect cocktail for creating experiences for guests of our restaurants. Many of the ideas that is now a central part of our daily routines and tasks started with employee driven initiatives.

In our opinion, it's important to love going to work every day. We take care of our sorroundings and together we create an invironment that's unlike one you've ever experienced before

We love our city, our guests and our staff! We hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about our family and we will always be ready to share our own personal stories - just ask when you meet us! 

Thank you and á bientôt at Scandinavian Brasserie and Wine Bar! 

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